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Spring Specials In preparation for the Spring season, we are currently scheduling our service programs for… 1) Spraying of pre-emergent and broadleaf weed killers 2) Fertilization treatments for fescue grass areas 3) Mulch and/or Pine Straw applications … Please contact our office to schedule these services.
Winter Storm Preparation Many winter storms bring dangerously low temperatures and sometimes strong winds, icing, sleet and freezing rain. A primary concern is the storms’s ability to knock down trees that cut off heat, power and communications services to your home or office. Call us today and have a Certified Arborist take a thorough look at your trees.
Winter Pruning A general rule of thumb is to prune living wood when it is dormant. If you prune a deciduous tree in the early spring or when it is budding out, you can traumatize it when it is at its most vulnerable. Call us for a quote.
Time for Mulch Mulching is one of the most beneficial things a home owner can do for the health of a young tree. Properly applied, mulch can give landscapes a handsome, well-groomed appearance.

Dream Yard

Landscape Design - Unique Features

Do you ever dream about what your yard could look like some day? As you look through garden catalogs filled with beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers and pictures of beautifully landscaped yards–complete with ponds and garden sculptures–the choices seem endless. Before ordering hundreds of plants or giving up because you cannot decide what you really want, here are a few things to consider.

A common issue in landscaping is creating a peaceful, private environment. While fencing can provide immediate privacy, consider a buffer strip of shrubbery between your yard and the one next door. Many shrubs will grow quickly–within a couple of years–and act as a screen while providing habitat for a variety of birds. Consider planting native shrubs because they are usually well adapted to local conditions and may provide the best habitat for local wildlife.

Landscape Design - Focus on Flowers

Other considerations: whether the plants have special characteristics such as flowers or fruits, how large they will eventually become, and how much maintenance they require to remain healthy and in scale with your yard. Check with us for recommended species.

If you do not want to spend your weekends maintaining a yard, turn part of it into a wildflower garden. If you want a more maintained yard, consider ground covers instead of grass and use mulch to control weeds in foundation plantings and flower beds.

When selecting plants, make sure they are adapted to your area. Consider both the minimum and maximum temperatures, amount of moisture, amount of sunlight, and soil characteristics. Ask yourself: Do you want an annual that will need replanting every year or a perennial that comes up year after year? Do you want cut flowers for inside your home or to give to friends?

Landscape Design - Low Maintenance

Consider native plants. They are usually better adapted to local conditions and need little maintenance. Be cautious about introducing exotic species such as purple loosestrife that will become invasive and is prohibited in many states.

Above all, choose what you like. There is an enormous variety of plants that will provide food and shelter to a wide variety of wildlife. With a little planning, you and the local wildlife can both enjoy the yard of your dreams.  Call us – we’re here to help you design and maintain your dream yard!

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